Pandemic Journal, Day 651

Tonight, I fell out of love – at least a little bit. Dinner tonight called for pasta, so I filled the pot with water, put it on the cooktop, hit “power” and “speed boost”, and then turned to weigh the pasta.

I expected to hear noises from the pot as the water bubbled and boiled – instead, I heard the cooktop beep as it turned itself off. And when I looked at it, there was an “E” on the display for the element I wanted to use. Trying it again didn’t help.

I brought up the “Home Control” app to see if it would tell me what was wrong – it said there was an error and that I should look for more information. Thanks!

Fortunately, the only thing I needed the cooktop for was the water, so I moved the pot to another element, which worked fine.

After dinner, I pulled out the manual and found the section about “fixing malfunctions”. It said that I should remove power for 30 seconds and try again – so I did, and everything seems to be working again, just as it had been at lunchtime.

Modern technology is wonderful until it isn’t.