Pandemic Journal, Day 665

We usually visit our chiropractor twice a week – it helps counteract the wear and tear that our trainer inflicts on us. But last night, we got a note saying the office would be closed for at least the first half of this week because he’d been exposed to Covid (his tests have been negative, which is good). We went to the gym this morning and our trainer showed no mercy, so I hope the chiropractor is really back in action on Thursday!

And just now, I got a message from our house cleaner suggesting that she not come tomorrow because her son has Covid – we took the suggestion.

I’m lucky – as far as I know, my most recent infection is virtual. I’ve fallen victim to the Wordle virus, thanks to the New York Times article last week. Fortunately, there’s only one puzzle per day, and it’s easy to finish – so far, I’ve solved each day’s Wordle in three to five tries. It’s a nice way to take a short break.

On a brighter note, the Silicon Valley Storytellers had an enjoyable meeting this evening. One speaker was a visitor from a local club – she gave her Ice Breaker for her second Path and told us about her multiple identities. The other speaker is a tour guide in Japan who’s a club member thanks to Zoom – she told us about interesting things her clients did on trips to Italy. We’re having an Open House on January 24th, and I’ll be one of the speakers – we’re as close as your computer!