Pandemic Journal, Day 667

We have an Alaska cruise and tour planned for this summer (moved, of course, from last summer). It felt like the right time to look at air arrangements, so I checked the flights available through the cruise line (Celebrity). Their price was more than $200/person cheaper than buying the same flights directly from the airline, and buying through Celebrity makes the tickets refundable – I’m hoping not to need to exercise that option again this year.

The replacement for my failed WD Time Machine drive arrived today (by UPS, not FedEx); I plugged it in and started the backup process. At the rate it’s going, it should complete the first backup in a week or two. Good thing I’m not in a hurry.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Journal, Day 667

  1. Good luck on your Alaska Cruise/tour. Judy and I have a Panama Canal cruise booked for late February which would be our first cruise since COVID. The good news is that we can drive to Ft. Lauderdale for this one which simplifies the logistics.

  2. We enjoyed our Panama Canal cruise (and the rest of the tour) just before things locked down in February 2020 – I hope yours goes well and is as enjoyable!

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