Pandemic Journal, Day 731

We celebrated the overlap of Purim and St. Patrick’s Day today.

We had some of the goodies in the Mishloach Manot package from Shir Hadash after lunch; this evening, we made a new recipe from The New York Times: Whiskey-Glazed Salmon With Salt-Crusted Potatoes. The recipe calls for whiskey, so we bought a bottle of Tullamore Dew – we have plenty left, so we’ll try it again.

The recipe is for four servings, and we were only feeding the two of us, so I cut everything in half; next time, I’ll make more glaze – it was quite tasty. And I’ll keep a closer eye on the potatoes – I didn’t shake them enough in the final few seconds before all the fluid evaporated, so they didn’t get properly crusted with salt (which may make my cardiologist happier).

I don’t think there are any holidays tomorrow, unlike the rest of the week (Pi Day, the Ides of March, Purim, and St. Patrick’s Day). I guess we’ll cope.