Pandemic Journal, Day 782

I posted Thursday’s blog entry very early because I expected limited connectivity and time after we sailed away from St. Michaels. So I didn’t write about the dinnertime announcement from the Captain:

Some passengers and crew have tested positive for Covid; they are being isolated, and close contacts have been notified.

We’d been wearing N95 masks whenever we were in a bus or small museum (and we were usually the only ones doing so), so I wasn’t too concerned.

Friday, Diane was hoarse and drippy and was very uncomfortable on the flights home; we wore masks the whole way, except, of course, when eating or drinking.

Out of an abundance of caution, we did antigen tests after we got home and hers was positive; we went to Minute Clinic this afternoon and they confirmed the diagnosis of a mild case of Covid.

Diane’s feeling better than she did yesterday, and hasn’t had a fever; I’m feeling OK and also haven’t had a fever.

I’m going to take another self-test tomorrow and I’ve got a professional test scheduled for Monday.

In the meantime, she’s isolating as much as possible and we’re wearing masks when we’re near each other.

On a brighter note, I took a walk this morning and our neighbor still had a couple of nice tulips in her yard!