Playing outside

We had our regular session with our trainer this morning – that makes two weeks in a row! It won’t last, though, since next Monday is Memorial Day and then we expect to be traveling again.

Unless a bureaucratic miracle happens, we’re going to have to take an antigen test within 24 hours of our flight to Portugal, so we decided to go outside to minimize the chance of being colonized by a new variant; it was a really good day for an outside workout anyway.

This afternoon, I went to the allergist for a desensitization shot for the first time in six weeks; they had to cut my dosage in half because it had been so long since my last shot. It’s a good thing I made it this week, though – if I’d missed this opportunity, they would have dropped the dosage down to 25% next time. It’s a slow enough climb to the levels that are supposed to be effective if you don’t miss any appointments – dropping down to 25% would add a few months to the process.