Reflections on Reflecting

I finished the Visionary Communication path at the Silver Tongued Cats meeting this morning – I’d started it more than four years ago, so the word of the day (tenacity) rang a bell with me.

The final project in every path is “Reflect on Your Path” – you’re supposed to speak for 10-12 minutes about what you learned during the path and how you grew – and that was my assignment this morning. I spoke a lot about the “Vision” element of the path and how I might have chosen a different path if I’d read the mandatory “Develop Your Vision” project description first. People seemed to like the speech – at least no one dropped off the Zoom session while I was giving it!

I’m already well along on my third path (Presentation Mastery); I don’t know what I’ll choose after that, but I probably have a year to figure it out.

Our Internet connection has been behaving today; I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

I’m still not ready to go out in the sun or to shave, but I’ve been much less uncomfortable today than I was yesterday. I took a walk around 8:45pm and got to see a teeny-tiny bit of sunset.