Lions and Hippos and Gnu, oh my!

Today’s game drive was a lot of fun – we found lions for the first time at Makanyi, enjoying a well-fed sleep after dispatching a young buffalo overnight.

After the game drive, Diane and I spent some time with Anja, the resort’s guest photography expert, who helped me cull and edit my photos and taught me more about how to use Lightroom in the process. Thank her for the improvements in today’s photos!

Dominant Male Rhino waking up
Gnu on the road
Gnu in the bush
Crested Barbet
Pod of hippos
The Dance of the Sugarplum Hippos
Lion in the brush
Holding on
Not for you, brother
Daily elephant
Hyena scat – nearly 100 percent calcium!
We are not alone
The road goes ever onward
Returning home
Hail the conquering heroes!
Success (with Anja)