Sometimes, I surprise myself

My new MacBook Air is supposed to be delivered next Thursday. I’m planning to use it mostly as a desktop (so I have to migrate my existing Mac mini to it) but it will also travel with me (so I have to make sure everything that’s on my existing MacBook Air gets copied, too).

I’ve just started figuring out the least bad way to do the migration; it seems like the smart thing is to copy everything from the existing Air to the existing Mac mini and then build the new machine from the mini. But I have a couple of weeks to figure it out.

Or I did. Today, I got an email from Apple telling me to come in and pick up my machine! But I decided not to do it today because I was very busy getting the High Holy Day Honors ready to go, which required dusting off code I hadn’t seen for a year.

I couldn’t resist fixing one of the many infelicities in the code – for historical reasons, it uses an unholy mixture of files in Dropbox, Google sheets, and even local CSV and Excel spreadsheets. I changed the code so that the data from one of the local spreadsheets is now in a tab in my master Google spreadsheet, which will make it easier to find and update next year.

Tomorrow, we have a High Holy Days planning meeting; I should be ready to send out the Honors after that meeting (maybe even before).

And then I can go to the Apple Store and pick up the new Air and really get confused.