What, me wait?

The High Holy Days planning committee met this afternoon at Shir Hadash; one of the high-priority topics was sending out the invitations to those congregants who have honors at one of the services (Rosh Hashanah is less than a week away). I got the last bits of information I needed and fired off the program to send the invitations, and the replies started coming in right away.

And then I discovered that, in my zeal to convert the services schedule file from Excel to Google Sheets, I had messed up the dates in the file, so the invitations for Yom Kippur honors had the wrong date (and, in some cases, the wrong times!). I sent out a correction, but it wasn’t completely successful – we’re still getting responses from people who wonder what the actual times and dates are.

I’m tempted to send out another correction, but I wonder if it would make things even worse.

After I finally left Shir Hadash, I drove over to the Apple Store to pick up my laptop – I’m still not quite sure where it’s going to fit in the grand scheme of things. My original thought was to attach it to my external drives and 4K monitor except when we’re traveling, but the more I think of doing that, the less I like it.

For now, I’m just migrating my old laptop’s contents to the new machine and I’ll use it in the kitchen (and when I travel). It would be nice to be able to attach it to the 4K monitor and use it for photo editing at home, but I’m not sure it’s physically feasible without moving a lot of devices around.

And we booked our travel for our spring trip to France; we had BA vouchers to use, so we’ll be traveling via Heathrow, but I can hope that the security lines there will be shorter in May, right?