I’m glad I posted early yesterday, because it was eleven o’clock by the time we got home from picking Jeff up at SFO.

He had to work this morning, so Diane and I went out and ran our usual Thursday errands; today’s schedule included going back to the mechanic to have the Check Engine light turned off.

Jeff finished his work early, so we all went to Khaosan Thai for a leisurely lunch outside, followed by a long walk including a visit to the Amazon locker at Safeway where I picked up the subtly-colored Siri Remote case I’d ordered in hopes of keeping the remote from slipping under the couch cushions.

This evening, we watched Weird: The Al Yankovic Story – it was great. I wish there were a way to watch it without the commercial breaks, though.

And speaking of weird, the Check Engine light has returned. Back to the mechanic tomorrow!