Mysterious Problems

Let’s start with the good news: the check engine light on the Prius has stayed off for a couple of days. I’m hoping it’s a solved problem.

I have an unsolved problem on my Mac mini, though. Every time I log in after the screen has gone blank due to inactivity, all the processes that were running under my userid get killed with a SIGABRT (this should not happen). And when things start up again, they don’t have permissions to use some system services (generally Accessibility, but there are others).

I’ve tried a few ways to try to beat the problem, none of which have worked; I even tried copying the permissions database from my other Mac, which doesn’t have this problem.

I bought an SSD this evening and backed up the system in case I have to do a full reinstall. If I do, I’ll only restore my actual data and documents, not all of my settings, and I’ll only install apps as I need them.