Walking and Hacking

I have very little to say about today. We took a few longish walks and had lunch at the new-to-us Los Gatos location of Oren’s Hummus House.

Beyond that, I spent most of the day continuing to rebuild the office computer. From time to time, I checked to see if the permissions problem had returned, and it hadn’t, so I got greedy and installed the rest of my applications without checking again.

That was a mistake. The problem returned, and I don’t know what triggered it. So far, it’s not as bad as it had been, but that’s not a guarantee that it’ll stay that way.

And in the process of restoring the machine, I somehow downloaded all of my photos from iCloud and created duplicates in my Photos library, which used up almost all of our monthly data allowance from Xfinity. Fortunately, they give you one month a year where you can exceed the allowance without being charged; I’m pretty sure I’ll hit the limit before we run out of November. And I was able to get rid of the duplicates before they got uploaded again.

Using a Mac is so simple…except when it isn’t.