Catch Fire and Halt

Thanks for the responses to Day 1000 – I’m glad that people are enjoying my writing and even finding it useful!

Today was mostly occupied with getting back into mundane life; we went to the gym, did some shopping, cooked all of our own meals, and I even went to the allergist. Truly exciting.

But there was one unexpected occurrence while we were out walking this morning. A car came to a sudden stop across the street from us and the driver jumped out and ran away from it. She had a good reason – the car was on fire! I grabbed my phone and called 9-1-1; while I was waiting for them to answer, a truck labeled “Exterior Services” stopped just in front of the car. Its driver got out, grabbed a hose from the back of the truck, and started spraying the burning car.

9-1-1 answered and said that the fire department was on the way; by that time, the car was mostly extinguished and the smoke was getting thick, so we left the area.

I didn’t get a photo of the car on fire, but I came back a few hours later and saw this where the car had stopped.

3 thoughts on “Catch Fire and Halt

  1. Geeze David-

    Did you ever come across any flaming cars in Africa? Should I get an elephant with two seats and a baby seat (for my grandson)? And, is an elephant easy to park?

    I dunno, my 2023 Cadillac Lyriq AWD is scheduled to be delivered in a couple weeks. I may have to stick with GM. (The elephant does not come with a $2500 sales tax rebate and a $7500 federal tax credit.)

    Be well.

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