Be sure to count your candles!

While we were shopping at Target last week, I noticed that they had a surprisingly large display of Hanukkah goods, including candles. I asked Diane if we needed them for this year and she said “no, we have a box”, so we left them on the shelf.

Last night, we opened the box and discovered that we’d raided it last year, so we didn’t have enough candles to get through the holiday. I set off this afternoon to remedy the situation.

First stop: CVS. I found Hanukkah pillows, but no candles.

Next, Target. Lots of Hanukkah stuff, including gelt, cards, and tchotchkes, but no candles.

TJ Maxx? Nope.

I finally gave up and went to Pars Kosher Market which had three different varieties of Hanukkah candles. Finally, success!

I only bought one box, though – I’m sure the price will be lower during the after-Hanukkah clearance sales, right?

2 thoughts on “Be sure to count your candles!

  1. Yes, they should be cheaper later. That’s why WE had almost 4 full boxes of candles in our “Hannukah Storage Box” when we opened it this year. Of course, we often light 2 Minora’s each night, too, so need plenty.

  2. A “Hanukkah Storage Box” seems like a pretty good idea. And I don’t even have to go to the dangerous Container Store to get one; I have plenty from previous trips. :-)

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