So close!

I was really happy about my score for the final running of the Almaniac when I got the answer booklet – I thought I had only missed one question of 81, and I was pretty sure I had earned a trophy (I didn’t see a footnote which affected the answer for the one question I missed).

So I was crushed when I got the final result booklet and found that I’d missed two questions and wasn’t getting a trophy after all. I asked the Old Maltese to rescore my submission and got a prompt response.

The final question on the Almaniac requires you to add up the last digits of the page on which you’d found the answers for questions 5, 15, and so on. Easy – the sum was 48. And I wrote 8 on my scoresheet – the last digit of the answer, not the actual answer. Which was wrong, and cost me a trophy.

Oh, well – I still have a plaque from my best previous finish in 1993!