More Mel Brooks – plus paperwork

I spent yet more time today converting the Mel Brooks collection to streamable format; I wanted to keep the deleted scenes, outtakes, and features on the Young Frankenstein disk and that required me to go back to the Blu-Ray player and cross-check what I’d ripped with the menus. At least it was material I won’t mind watching again. :-)

That was far from the most tedious thing I did today. We had to sign and submit some paperwork to Vanguard, which didn’t seem like it would be difficult. It needed to be notarized, and that didn’t seem hard, either – there are at least three places offering notary service within a 20-minute walk of our house. But the signatures also had to be witnessed by two people other than us and the notary, and that proved to be a pain.

First, we tried the local AIM Mail Center. They could do the notarization, but the clerk said we’d need to bring our own witnesses. No dice. Then we went to our credit union – there were only two people working when we got there, but the teller said that a third person would be back from lunch in about 15 minutes, so we went out for a short walk, and when we returned, they took care of us. They even waived the notary fee because they’d made us wait, which I appreciated.

After that, we took a quick trip to FedEx and sent the forms off for Vanguard to handle. One chore accomplished!

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