We went to Costco today to pick up a few things, and we mostly stuck to our shopping list. But when I saw that dental floss was on sale, I couldn’t resist and bought a card (six containers).

It’s just as well that I did control my bargain hunting instincts. When I got home, I discovered that we already had 40 containers of floss. Perhaps I’ll remember that we have enough next time we go to Costco.

I took my power question from last night to r/hvacadvice and got advice. One person used physics and math to convert my 150 therm consumption to 4175 kWh of heat, which would require about 1400 kWh of electricity over the season given the heat pump’s efficiency. Another person (who’s an “Approved Technician”) pointed out that I should make sure that the ductwork can handle the airflow from a 4-ton system (instead of the existing 3-ton), so I’ve asked the sales guy about that.

Saving money is hard work.