Next Stop, Broome!

I’m writing this post from the Sydney Domestic Airport – “Domestic” is a key word because it meant we could bring an unlimited amount of liquids and gels through security; even water bottles were OK!

I give Qantas and Criterion Travel a lot of credit for making the checkin process easy and quick for a large group – it was much easier than I’d expected.

I’m also very happy that we’re taking the flight we’d originally expected to take – a few days ago, the tour managers were warning us that Tropical Cyclone Ilsa was likely to disrupt our trip; they spent a lot of time looking for alternatives, but I’m sure they’re happy that that effort wasn’t necessary.

We will board the Caledonian Sky in Broome and sail to Perth; our first snorkeling stop has been canceled because of the cyclone, but they expect everything else to go according to plan. We hope.

Totality is five days and two hours away.