Totally awesome!

Today was the big day! We were out on the Panorama Deck in time to see the very first bite of the eclipse and stayed there until well after totality.

Before totality, we watched the Moon chew up the Sun.

It got slowly darker and darker as we neared totality; about a minute before totality, the change sped up and things got really strange. And then, totality! I wanted to see the eclipse with my own eyes (63 seconds is not very long!) but I did take a few photos during totality, including the one above.

Venus had become visible a couple of minutes before totality; Jupiter was pretty easy to see during totality.

And then we were nearly at the end.

The diamond ring marked the end; next time, I’ll stop my camera way down instead of letting it do its own thing.

The staff was very happy!

We were OK, too (they taught us the sign to use during snorkeling, but we haven’t gotten into the water yet!).