We saw Lyric Theatre‘s production of Ragtime today; it was the opening, so the audience was filled with people carrying flowers to give to cast members after the play. And the cast members deserved those flowers – the performance was terrific, and I was especially blown away by the actors who played Sarah (Ayana Brewer) and Coalhouse (J. Demetrius Olivier).

There are four more performances between now and August 5; if you’re in the San Jose area, go!

Beyond that, it was mostly a day to catch up with things like the paper mail. There were two checks to take care of – a small ($10 or so) refund from State Farm and a four-figure rebate for our heat pump installation from SVCE. I deposited them at my credit union and was surprised to discover that the funds from the rebate check were immediately available for withdrawal but that the $10 from the State Farm check wouldn’t be available until Tuesday. Seems backwards to me.

Speaking of backwards, Delta has been sending us notifications all day about changes to our flights from Pittsburgh to Atlanta to San Jose, which is interesting and annoying since we’d cancelled them and gotten refunds issued. I guess we would have been stuck in Pittsburgh or Atlanta if we’d accepted their original offer to reschedule our travel. Thanks, Southwest!