Garage Cleanout Day

We said goodbye to our 2017 Subaru Impreza Limited today; Carvana came and picked it up. They said it would be going to a farm in the country or something like that. :-)

I’d used the Leasehackr online purchasers list to get bids for the car before we tried to trade it, and I’m glad we did. The Kia dealer wanted to give us about $15.4k; CarMax offered $16k; Carvana offered $18.5k. I could have tried some of the other companies on the list, but I was happy with $18.5k from a company with a good reputation. We’d paid $27k for the car six years ago, so it had held its value pretty well (Subaru might not agree – their “Guaranteed Trade-In” offer was $12,850).

Selling the car was pretty simple; I had to give them information about the car (mileage, condition, color) to get their bid. Once I accepted it, I had to upload the title and our drivers licenses and e-sign a few forms; the next day (yesterday), they confirmed the price and told me to set up an appointment. I wanted to drive the car over to their office (about 7 miles away), but I would have had to wait two weeks to get an appointment; they offered next-day pickup for $290, and I took it.

The driver texted me today, told me when he’d be here, and reminded me to remove the plates and any personal items. He arrived on time, took a few photos, verified the mileage, had me sign a few forms, and put the car on his truck and took it away. The whole process took about 15 minutes.

I celebrated by getting rid of a bunch of old boxes in the garage – monitors, air purifiers, receivers, and more. That was fun – except for having to break up the Styrofoam they’d used to protect things during shipping; I ran out of room in our garbage can before I ran out of Styrofoam!