Dr. Tongue’s 3D Library of Printing

I’m getting interested in 3D printing. A few days ago, I visited a friend who’s had a printer for a few years and got some information from him (he also printed some coin cell holders for me, which save a lot of space in my battery drawer).

Today, I took advantage of the free 3D printing at the Los Gatos Library (only one print per family per month) to print an iPad holder from Thingiverse. Francisco at the library actually did the printing, but he let me remove the finished product from the printer. :-)

Here’s the very beginning of the process:

Two hours later, the print was finished!

And here it is in action.

It’s pretty similar to the Kanex iPhone holder I’d gotten at a Macworld many years ago – just a bit bigger so it will hold the iPad securely.

I can think of a lot of gadgets I’d like to be able to print – I just have to find a place to put the printer. Or I guess I could print them at the library, one per month.