Only 20?

I’m taking Matt Kloskowski‘s “Fresh Start” course to help me kick off 2024. The first assignment sounded simple – go through my 2023 photos and pick out my “best 20”. I decided to take a shortcut and only looked at photos I’d marked for inclusion in this blog, whether or not I’d actually posted them.

That narrowed the field to 1100 of the 4100 I still had in my Lightroom library. It was easy to pick out 100 which made me smile, brought back a memory, or made me want to share them more widely, but picking the “best 20” took two more passes, and I’m not sure I’d pick the same 20 fifteen minutes from now.

I decided to try a new tool for this project, NextGen Gallery, which let me create a gallery with thumbnails; click on a photo to see a larger image. I’m not sure that this is ideal (for one thing, there’s no way to get to the blog post which originally contained the image), but it looks nice!

And on we go!