DriveTanks and the Ox Ranch Lodge

Today was so busy I need to divide it into three blog posts.

We started the day with breakfast at the dining room; it was, like all the meals here, over the top. After breakfast, Diane went off to feed animals while I visited DriveTanks, a living museum of 20th Century military machines, mostly guns and tanks.

You’re able to handle the guns (unloaded) and climb up onto and into the tanks; for an additional fee, you can shoot the guns and drive the tanks. I was happy with the basic package.

I am very dangerous!
A machine gun nest
SS Troop Carrier
SS Troop Carrier Interior
Action Trackchair – “New Way to Fun”
1970’s British Scorpion (From Falklands)
West German Leopard Prototype
Russian T-34 (WWII)
Russian T-34 (WWII) – if it’s not leaking oil, it’s out!
German Stigeeuer
Russian T-34 – it it ain’t leakin’, it’s out of oil!

After the visit, they took us back to the Ox Ranch Lodge to wait for the eclipse; it was loaded with special eclipse delicacies and their usual open bar.

Eclipse Refreshments
Eclipse Cake
Open Bar

The weather forecast had been unfavorable for eclipse viewing all week, but we’d had some sunny intervals while I was at DriveTanks, so Diane and I headed up to the viewing site with hope and trepidation.