So much for the blogroll

I haven’t been keeping my blogroll up to date for a long time – basically, I do almost all my blog reading in NetNewsWire, and I haven’t found a good (read: automatic) way of reflecting what I follow there to the blogroll here.

But spammers have figured out how to update the blogroll here automatically, so I just got rid of it entirely.

Damn spammers.

NewsGator for iPhone — I like it!

This was one of the first things I saw when I got back to my office after lunch:

NewsGator Daily: “This morning we announced the release of NewsGator Mobile for iPhone, a free newsreader that takes advantage of the unique design and user interface of Apple’s wildly popular new device. The free service, which works with iPhones and other mobile devices is accessible at” [via Brent]

So naturally, I had to try it. I like it…a lot! It won’t replace reading blogs on a real computer (especially those only available inside the firewall), but it’s sure convenient and makes it easy to zip through an accumulation of items in a few spare minutes. Very cool indeed!