25 Hours – That's Too Many

We finally got our luggage at 8pm this evening, 25 hours after we’d landed, and 10 hours after it had arrived at San Jose Airport. I am quite irritated at American for taking so long to deliver the luggage, and even more so because they kept claiming it would be here “soon”, so we stayed home all day waiting (this is a safe neighborhood, but I didn’t want two suitcases sitting on my front porch anyway). I’d send them a complaning e-mail, but they don’t do e-mail for customer service, so I’ll fax them a complaint tomorrow. I don’t think it’ll do me any good, but it can’t hurt.

After the luggage arrived, Diane and I went out for a quick walk. Naturally, I carried my GPS with me so I could find out how far we went (the route goes over a footbridge, so I can’t really clock it with the car odometer). When we passed another couple, they asked which GPS I was holding — not “what are you holding”. I guess I must be a late-adopter on this particular technology!