Like no other museum in the world

Tonight, we had dinner at the DaimlerChrysler (pronounced “Mercedes-Benz”) museum in Stuttgart. Before dinner, a friend and I took a self-guided tour (they offered audio wands, but that would have been more regimentation than we were in the mood for) and a number of pictures.

Here’s the first car that Benz created. They actually started the motor for us — it was loud.

First Benz:

I liked their 1895 Benz Victoria:

Benz Victoria:

Mercedes doesn’t just make motorcars; they make fire engines, too:

Mercedes fire engine:

With so many cars in the museum, they have a hard time keeping up on maintenance. Note the flat tire on this car:

Flat Tire:

Some cars don’t need maintenance, though; they get divine intervention. Here’s Pope Paul VI’s Popemobile:


Some designs just don’t seem to work, even though they’re awfully attractive looking:

Gull Wing Mercedes:

Tomorrow, it’s back to the all-day grind.