Edsel Murphy's Day Off

I know I’m tempting fate by typing this before I’m safely home, but life is for the brave.

My trip out here yesterday was amazingly good. The flight from San Jose to Raleigh left only a few minutes late but arrived on time; the food was good; the flight attendants were friendly; the weather was decent. Midway doesn’t have power outlets on their planes, but that was OK — they gave all the first class passengers DVD players so I didn’t have to use my laptop to watch movies anyway (so I finally got around to watching The Matrix). The flight from Raleigh to Hartford was almost empty (two other people in first, counting my colleague who they let come up when I said I wanted to share the sandwich I’d brought from home with him (the flight was too short for them to provide anything more than a snack), and perhaps 15 people in coach), which, by definition, made it good.

And Midway still lets people use GPS receivers in flight, which was fun, too — especially after my friend showed me how to use the window shade to suspend the GPS so I didn’t have to hold it!

Murphy was back on the job today, though; the high-speed connectivity out of this hotel isn’t working (I spent 30 minutes on hold with tech support), and, of course, I spent the whole day in meetings (that is, of course, why I was here, but I still don’t have to like it!).