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We’ve also continued on our movie-watching streak, which will come to an abrupt end when Jeffrey starts getting homework again. Last night, we saw High Noon — now I want to watch Outland and Blazing Saddles again. And we also finally got around to seeing Wrongfully Accused (hey, it was the best DVD I could find at the nearby Blockbuster, and I had coupons to use up!). I was pleased to find that not all Blockbusters have as bad a selection of DVDs than the two closest to me, but I wish there were some decent rental places nearby. Laserland has a good selection, but has short rental periods, so it’s hard for us to see a movie without paying overtime fees.

We watched several more Iron Chef episodes on New Year’s Day; it’s much nicer with subtitling and dubbing (I’m glad they subtitle Kaga instead of dubbing him, though) than it was trying to figure it out without such aids.

Oops…plumbing problems to take care of…more later, maybe….

I dunno what happened — Diane came in and said that there was water all over the bathroom floor. It seems to have come from the toilet, but it stopped when she jiggled the handle. So I adjusted the water level (we have 3.5-gallon toilets with weird mechanisms; I don’t want to have to replace them with 1.6-gallon units with even weirder innards until I have to!) and we’ll see what that does.

And just so the plumbing doesn’t feel superior, the oldest computer has started to act funny, too. We tried to shut it down, and it got as far as blanking the display in preparation for showing the “Please wait for Windows to shut down” screen…but never quite got there. A jab at the reset button brought it back up, and this time it shut down cleanly. But it’s been getting more and more blue screens of death lately; perhaps it’s trying to tell me that BillG needs more money?