All written out for the night

I decided to practice self-discipline tonight and work on the Temple bulletin before flipping my page. Much to my surprise, editing other people’s writing has burnt out my writing need for tonight, so this is going to be a very short entry.

Today at work, a colleague asked me why I update my ‘blog faithfully (even if it’s not always daily, unlike some truly dedicated folks). I had to think about it for a bit, but in the end, my answer was rather selfish — I write for me.

Usually, it’s just to get something off my chest (I could talk about today’s travel agent experience, but let’s just leave that one alone), but sometimes, the mere act of writing here helps me clarify issues in my mind.

At other times, I write to remember — that’s the purpose of my “Wine of the Day” entries; we don’t have wine all the time, not by any means, and until I started keeping track here, I’d forget what we’d drunk and how we liked it (and it wasn’t due to the quantity of alcohol!).

Occasionally, I write to recommend (or warn), though I haven’t done that for a while (the ARRL License Manuals aren’t exactly “Book of the Day” material, though they were very helpful to me).

Once in a while, I even have a story to tell or pictures to share.

I’m delighted when other people enjoy what I’ve written (I find the data on my referers page interesting, as is the info I gather from the Site Meter report), and feedback in the discussion area is always welcome.

And parts of my far-flung family read this ‘blog regularly, saving me postage (just kidding, Mom!).

But in the final analysis, I write here because I enjoy doing so, and I am grateful to Dave and Userland for giving me the opportunity to so.

And for tonight, that’s about all the enjoyment I need on this front. Time to get up from the keyboard for the evening!