The last of the lox

As is our custom (boy, that sounds pretentious!), we had a New Year’s Day brunch for our Havurah. I like lox and bagels, so we always buy a bunch of each for the brunch — and we usually have some left over. This year, I guess I overestimated the demand more than usual, because there were two dozen bagels left as well as most of a pound package of lox (thank you, Trader Joe’s, for making it affordable!). So I’ve been having lox every day for lunch, and today, I finished it off. I won’t say that it was too much lox, but I won’t mind skipping a few days, either.

We have a quiet weekend planned — we’re coordinating the Oneg Shabbat at Temple this evening, then going to Torah study and services tomorrow morning. The Kids’ Youth Group has an ice skating event on Sunday, and Jeffrey’s going; I’m not.

Shabbat Shalom!