Not much of a sales tool….


Enjoying science fiction requires a certain suspension of disbelief — after all, wouldn’t you think that people on the Enterprise would notice that wearing red was a death sentence?

But this movie snapped my suspenders of disbelief in the first two minutes, when Annie (Kate Capshaw) doesn’t get chosen for a mission and, therefore, has to go play nursemaid at Space Camp. And it went downhill from there, with one of the low points being the introduction of Jinx, the robot who talks like E. T. (remember, this movie is set in 1986 or so, and last I looked, we didn’t have any autonomous talking robots then). I could go on and on, but why bother — suffice it to say that the plot had enough holes to blast a space shuttle through, and that the acting wasn’t much better.

And it didn’t make Jeffrey any more interested in Space Camp than before; probably less, in fact. Oh, well, so much for grand schemes.