Monday Update

Our neighbor should be moving from the hospital to a rehab center today; we visited her on Saturday, and she seems to be in pretty good spirits. She can only say one word (“well”) which has to be awfully frustrating, but it’s clear that she understands what everyone around her is saying.

I enjoyed A Flea in Her Ear; the Murky Nooz reviewer thought it was too light and frothy, but it seemed like just the ticket on Saturday. Parking, btw, was no problem — we found ourselves far away from light rail when it came time to head downtown, so we drove.

Some linkage

Yuppie felafel (as if I need more fried food after Hanukkah!).

The Euro conquers England

Need leftovers? (linkrot in a few days; registration probably required; rumor has it that a userid and password of “fubar” work fine)