Ironing Diskettes

I’ve spent the last couple of days cleaning out some of the debris in the home office (I figure I can get the whole job done if I can just take a six-week sabbatical). As part of that, I moved all of the old diskettes into one place and realized that I had at least 200 more diskettes than I ever will need again — and most of them had either Quicken or TurboTax data on them.

So I spent part of this morning using a bulk eraser on those diskettes, ensuring that they were unreadable, at least to anyone who just used normal consumer computers and operating systems. It was mindless work, but fun in a weird sort of way.

Then I took the diskettes to RAFT, where they’ll be made available to teachers. Apparently 3-1/2″ diskettes are a hot item for arts and crafts projects!