Not what I want in my morning paper

Today’s Mercury News had a bunch of discouraging headlines and leads:

  • Sharks Eliminated in Game 7
  • IBM to Lay Off Thousands
  • They Can’t Blame Jar Jar for This One

To which I say:

  • Wait till next year
  • This, too, shall pass (I hope)
  • We’re going to see it anyway

Then I get to work and find that, as part of the yearly “nominal adjustments” in cafeteria prices, the cost (including tax) of my morning Starbucks has gone from 75 cents to $1.01. Oy!

Another way to wander the Web

Doc says he’s been getting a lot of visits from URLizer, which converts horrible URLs like this: into more reasonable ones like this:

I suspect that changing the numbers in the URLizer-generated URLs might lead to interesting random pages, like this: (I have no clue what that page points to; I hope it’s not overtly pornographic).

Yet another way to sense the Web’s zeitgeist and avoid doing real work.