Powerful Magic

[Mom, you can stop reading today’s entry here. It’s all gonna be acronyms….]

I tried a little experiment with my Radio website today — I tried to convert it to publish on my intranet instead of into the cloud.

First, I tried using the “upstream by FTP” option. That didn’t work, but not through any fault of Radio; we’re having some sort of bizarre FTP problem on the server I’d be using.

So then I decided to be clever and use the new “FileSystem” upstreaming driver. I added a second <upstream> element to my #upstream.xml file, pointing to a server I’d mounted via Samba, and all hell broke loose.

The first problem was simple; when Radio rendered my pages, it always appeared to use the URL for my intranet; I was hoping it would render with the appropriate URL for each destination, but it didn’t seem to.

And as a second problem, it never seemed to copy files into the local filesystem (whether on a Samba-mounted server drive or my local drive didn’t matter).

So I gave up and restored the original #upstream.xml. But the pages being sent up to the cloud still had the intranet URLs. I did a search-and-replace in Radio for the intranet URL and changed it to my cloud URL; that would have helped, except I got the cloud URL wrong, leaving out an initial zero.

I tried fixing that, but screwed up again. Eventually, I downloaded a new copy of Radio and registered it; that put me in position to fix the problem with even more find-and-replace and also got me a few new Tools which weren’t in the 8.0.7 copy I’d upgraded to 8.0.8.

When all was said and done, I had my old Radio site back, complete with all of my content (for what little that’s worth!). Next time, I’ll back up the Radio directory before I start playing.

But I sure wish I knew what I’d done….