00 dark and early

I had to choose between waking up real early this morning to make the 6:31am flight out of San Jose, or travelling at a civilized hour but losing Sunday with my family.

I’m at the Admirals’ Club waiting for the 6:31. It was the right choice.

It is amazing how little e-mail arrives between 10pm and 5am, though!

Time to wander down to the gate….my mind is wandering somewhere, too. Perhaps I’ll meet it on board.


I spent most of the flights reading yesterday’s New York Times dessert sections. I couldn’t quite finish the puzzle (I hate when that happens!), but I decided to save weight and leave the paper behind, rather than try to finish it.

Class starts tomorrow morning early; I got the binder full of material when I checked in. Oy.

And on that note, g’night.