We have a winner!

I kept my receiver glued to the 60’s on 6 most of the day, even though it was somewhat distracting at times, especially during CQ USA when I was trying to call in to make my request (it’s hard to type and dial the phone at the same time!). I remembered almost all of the songs I heard during the day, but there were a few I don’t recall, which was a pleasant surprise.

Not everything I heard was high-quality music (I’m thinking especially of Mrs. Miller’s rendering of Downtown) [RealAudio from Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits, courtesy of Frank’s Vinyl Museum]), but it all made me feel good.

Tomorrow, it’s clean comedy from Laugh USA — yet another channel which probably doesn’t mix well with doing work.

I guess I need to figure out the best way of putting XM in my car…that’ll be my fourth XM receiver. I got notification today that the rebate for my second receiver (a Sony PnP, which they’ve discontinued for good reason) will be processed in due time — I’ll have to remember to check with them if I don’t get it in another five weeks. If I do get the rebate, the receiver will have turned out to be free (actually, I’ll make a small profit on it)…but rebates are notorious for problems.