Too busy to laugh….or sweat

Today, XM Bootcamp visited Laugh USA, XM’s family-friendly comedy channel. Jeff and I listened to a bit of it this morning during breakfast, but once I got to work, I didn’t even try — listening to comedy requires paying attention, and my attention was otherwise required by work.

In fact, work required so much of my attention and time that my firm resolve to leave early and go to the YMCA fell victim to the “needs of the business”; instead, I was hard at work when it came time to leave. I can’t say I’m hard at work at this particular moment, typing this blog entry, but I’m not quite finished for the day yet, either…just one more paper to read….

Next week’s revised Bootcamp schedule starts out promising with On Broadway on Monday [was Cinemagic when I first wrote this item] and the 70’s on Tuesday; I’m not as enthusiastic about the rest of the week, though. But that’s all next week’s problem — for now, let me wish you all a Shabbat Shalom.