Wrapping up the week

I finally made it home — then we made Shabbat and had dinner — and now I’m sitting in front of the computer reflecting for a few minutes before shutting down and relaxing.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been back at work for a week — vacation seems like it was a long time ago. It’s almost as hard to believe that Monday was a quiet day, and Tuesday wasn’t really busy…because it’s been run, run, run full out since then!

XM Bootcamp has been interesting, too; I was surprised by how much I liked the 60’s on 6 and the 40’s on 4. I expected to enjoy the 50’s on 5 more than I did; Laugh USA didn’t surprise me at all.

Now, it’s time to turn to other pursuits; tomorrow, we start Torah study again (Proverbs, which should be interesting) after a one-week break while the Rabbi was out of town (we finished the Twelve Minor Prophets just before the end of the year — we really zoomed through Joel, too!). Sunday morning is busy, too. And we have some paperwork to get done before Sunday. But other than that, this should be a quiet weekend — and I’m quite ready for it!