A quiet weekend

It was a mostly relaxing weekend, which was a Good Thing between busy weeks at work. No major purchases to report, either, though I do want to find a dealer with silver and red ’04 Priuses sometime so I can see what those colors actually look like. Not that I have any imminent plans requiring that knowledge or anything like that.

We did make a quick trip to Costco and bought a blister pack full of phones to replace our existing cordless and answering machine; the old cordless had a wonderful “out of range alarm” feature which beeped if you walked far enough from the base unit for the remote to lose signal. Unfortunately, the alarm also sounded if the base unit lost power, which was not a good thing at 3am. The new cordless units put a message on their display if you try to use them and they don’t have a signal — that seems to be more reasonable behavior to me.