Bootcamp Day 15 — SquiZZ

After yesterday’s experience with The Rhyme, I was confident that SquiZZ would be a significant improvement in my XM diet. But I didn’t have high hopes (as you can tell from my expected rating of “C”).

I was pleasantly surprised when I tuned in — the music was a bit harder-edged than most of what I like to listen to, but not so hard-edged as to irritate me. And when I listened this afternoon, I enjoyed Grant, the announcer. But I wasn’t crazy about the lyrics of a lot of the songs — it wasn’t as bad as on The Rhyme (and I dread the day Bootcamp visits Raw), but there were still more Strong Words than I like to hear in my music.

I can see coming back to listen again from time to time, but I don’t think SquiZZ will earn a preset from me.