I guess it was random!

I flew home from Tucson today; unlike Monday, I didn’t have to go through secondary security screening. *whew*

The flight (on Horizon) was very nice — in other words, I had an empty seat next to me and no one in front of me reclining the seat. It was too early in the day to have a beer (Bert Grant’s Deep Powder Winter Ale, from the Yakima Brewing and Malting Company), but I did give it careful consideration, because it had been quite tasty on Monday afternoon.

Perhaps the best part of the flight, though, was the time. My meeting wrapped up last night, so I changed my reservations and took an 11:10am flight out of Tucson (we actually were “wheels up” at 11:07!) and was home well before 2pm. And so I’ll be having dinner at home with my family instead of at an airport — much nicer!