Progress on the car front

This morning, I visited Hertz and swapped the Cavalier for a Prius. I am much happier, even though the car is missing some of the bells and whistles that our new Prius has (like the Smart Entry/Smart Key system, the navigation system, and Bluetooth). But it’s wonderful being able to sit in the car without hurting!

And the insurance company called me — they needed me to contact the towing company to have the car moved to the body shop of my choice. Since I have no body shop experience, I asked them for a suggestion, and they suggested Swanson Collision Repair, which, by strange coincidence, is in the same building as Hertz. So I called the towing company, who told me I’d have to come in and sign a form before they could move the car; fortunately, they were only a few blocks away. And as long as I was there, I grabbed everything I could out of the car (including one of our garage door openers!), and took a picture of the damage:

Ouch!: I’m waiting to hear whether they’ll repair the car or not. I hope they let me know soon.