A month of endings

So far, May has been a month of endings:

  • Enterprise and Jack and Bobby broadcast their final episodes
  • Episode III finally arrived, bringing the saga to a triumphant middle (or so I’ve been told — Jeff’s seen it, but we won’t until Sunday)

And now our 2002 Prius has come to the end of the road. The insurance company called this afternoon — the estimate from the body shop had reached $13,000, and they hadn’t even taken the dashboard off yet, so they decided to total the car. I wasn’t surprised, but I’m still not happy about it. We’ll find out next week how much they’ll pay us for the car, and whether they were able to rescue the CD that was in the player.

I had hoped that if the car was going to be totaled that they would have told me yesterday, because Kehillah was auctioning a 2005 BC at the first annual gala, and we would have bid. But we didn’t know, and decided to be optimistic that the 2002 could be fixed. Oh, well; if we had bought, we would have wound up with two silver Priuses, and that might have been confusing.

We’re now on the queue for a Seaside Blue 2005 BC, and I will be calling more dealers over the weekend in hopes that there’s one available in the wild.