Moving in

I’d been thinking of moving my blog to its own top-level domain (and onto WordPress) for a while, but I couldn’t decide what domain to use. Until this weekend, when the name “ReadThisBlog” popped into my mind. I would have liked to have had, but it’s parked at Network Solutions — but should do just fine.

As time permits, I’ll move my old content here, but in the meantime, please visit Defenestration Corner for a historical view.

I’m still playing with the format here, too — what looks good on a 1400×1050 screen isn’t so great at 1024×768 (and I don’t want to think what it looks like at 800×600). So expect changes.

2 thoughts on “Moving in

  1. What, not n6tfx.{com|net|org}?
    I don’t have the URL handy but you can export the Manila entries to an XML-ish file which you can then {theoretically} import into something else.

  2. It would be aa6ds.{tld}; I upgraded a while ago. But I decided I liked “readthisblog” better anyway.

    Last time I tried to use the Manila export, it didn’t work; I am going to give it another shot, especially since my particular editthispage server was down all weekend. *sigh*

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