Still nasty

The insurance company called us today, wanting to know where the old car had been towed to, and what our favorite body shop was. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the message until after the adjuster had gone home for the day, but I left answers to the questions (we don’t have a favorite body shop, so I’ll let them pick one) on voicemail, and maybe things will happen tomorrow.

Hertz will have a Prius for me to rent tomorrow morning, which will definitely be an improvement over the Cavalier. I mentioned my dislike of the seat, and the person at Hertz said that they advise customers to bring a pillow — I find it hard to believe that Chevy could design a car which is so uncomfortable. Maybe that’s why GM is losing billions?

And Jack and Bobby got cancelled today; it wasn’t much of a surprise, given the ratings, but it was still disappointing news. Wonder how long before it shows up on DVD?