My latest copy of BusinessWeek arrived smelling like cologne; it turns out that they’ve started running scented ads. I called their customer service number, and almost before I finished complaining, the rep told me that they’d code my record for “no scented ads” and extend my subscription. I suspect I wasn’t the first one to complain.

We made it

The flight from O’Hare to Albany was a bit bumpy at times, but uneventful. The flight attendant had a great personality — her commentary would have been right at home on Southwest or PSA (even the pilot had a sense of humor!).

Unlike last time, we avoided Buca di Beppo.

The Desmond seems to be a nice hotel; we have a four-poster bed (no canopy, though), to which we will repair soon.

Four-poster bed at the Desmond

Tomorrow starts far too early.

Connecting with the past

Irving Wladawsky-Burger writes about his experience with the Genographic Project. Since he was an early participant, he’s already gotten his results (both Diane and I are still at stage 1, “sample received”), and though there weren’t any surprises, it helped him reconnect with his recent ancestors (and with the villages they came from, and what happened to them in the Holocaust).

I’m looking forward to getting our results.