I think the golden age is over

This was the fifth year we’ve hosted a Super Bowl party (by an odd coincidence, we bought our HDTV just in time for Super Bowl 2003). As usual, not everyone paid attention to the game; in fact, the kids spent most of the time in a different room. But when commercials came on, everyone ran in to watch.

It was pretty disappointing (well, except for the TD on the opening kickoff return). And the commercials weren’t all that great, either; about the only ones I still remember are the FedEx “Office on the Moon” and the Emerald Nuts commercial with Robert Goulet as an evil office spirit. There were a bunch of jungle commercials (I think they were mostly office-based), and I know Bud Light had a few spots, but I don’t remember them. Even GoDaddy’s ad was subdued.

I miss the bubble days.

One thought on “I think the golden age is over

  1. David –

    Today is February 7. Would have been you mom’s birthday.
    I miss her very much. Sure you do too. Kind regards.
    Pollard Cobb

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